Oh what a week

This week.
It's flying by.
We've been up too late at night.
Waking up has been hard to do.
The house isn't as neat as it was last week.
I didn't have quiet time today.
Work is a bear. A bear that was forced awake in January. Mean.
Tonight is family night and I may be at the office late.
Check engine light on the car came on last night.
Heat in car is no longer working and it is currently 25 outside.
Scouts was bad last night. We have a boy in trouble.
PTA was bad Tues night. Kids fighting in parking lot.
I have to pack tonight for an overnight trip to Nashville.
I'm not even looking forward to Nashville anymore. Too tired.
There are no Christmas decorations up in my house.
I need caffeine.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Stopping to lift you up, Mary, for God to meet your EVERY need out of his abundance.

Much love,


Lisa said...

Hang in there -- you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.