I think I've lost my mind.

Have you all heard about the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD? Evidently Vicki Courtney posted about it here and challenged others to commit to doing this workout dvd for 30 days. I read about it here on Big Mama's blog and here on Boomama's blog. Then I read Vicki's follow up post here.

This is the point where I lost my mind.

I left a comment on Vicki's blog saying "I'm in". Oh my word heaven help me!

So, tonight on the way home from Boy Scouts I'll be hitting Target to see if they have the dvd. I really hope they do because if I have to work any harder than that to purchase it I'll probably give up before I even get started. It's been known to happen. I'm just not an exercise girl. I stayed skinny all the into my early twenties by dancing and teaching little ones to dance. I ate like a linebacker and just danced it all away. Then I started sitting at a desk all day, got married and had a kiddo. But I still ate like a linebacker. Add it all together and you get to see numbers on your scale that you never ever thought you'd see back when you weighed a sassy 115 lbs.

My motivation is that I have signed up to be a leader at Boy Scout camp for a whole week in June. A week. In the woods. With the mosquitos and ticks. When it's really hot outside. I hope my son realizes how much I love him.

A.) This will mean lots and lots of walking, hauling my own gear around and trying to keep up with a bunch of 11-14 year old boys.

B.) Right now my technically obese self doesn't really fit in her uniform. I can button and zip everything but it really isn't pretty. I've got junk in my trunk, all four fenders and the tires. Some toning would go a long way in making that lovely tan and olive uniform look a tad more attractive.

If I can find the dvd tonight I'll do day 1 tomorrow morning before work. Pray. Pray hard. If I can still lift my fingers when I'm done I'll let you know how it went.


Carpoolqueen said...

I'm thinking of doing the same thing. My new chic short hairdo highlights my rather round face. And does nothing to balance my hips.

Target it is.

Amber said...

Ick on the exercise. I know I need it, but I hate it with a passion. I'm still choosing to live in my bubble of disbelief that calories don't count on days that end in Y. It works for me.

Props to you though.