Thank you and a question

Wow. Thank you all so much for the kind comments and emails. The encouragement means a great deal to me. I guess that all moms get discouraged at times and need someone to say 'it's will get better and tomorrow is another day". Some days it just seems as if you're a complete failure and then the next day you do a one-eighty and you feel like you just might make it. Today has been a good day. We made it out the door on time this morning and then attended Dylan's music concert tonight. There hasn't been a lot of fussing and arguing going on. This is so much nicer.

Now, for the question. It's no secret that I'm not a bible scholar. I've always attended church but I've never been a part of a bible study or really took the time to study on my own. There are so many books, dvd's, cd's and other media available to people these days. You can listen to sermons online all day long and on tv all night long. How do I know who is 'real'? Do you know what I mean? There are people out there writing books and buying tv time that aren't grounded in the Word and their interpretations of scripture may be a tad 'off'. How can you tell the difference? Obviously I need to be reading the Bible on my own, but so many things just don't make sense to me and I need to either read or listen to someone else's views on the scriptures. There are so many different viewpoints out there and I just don't want to start believing the wrong things. How do you decide? Is a gut feeling? Do you go on recommendations from others? Just hope for the best? Help a girl out will ya?

Now, it is very late and I've got to work all day tomorrow and chaperone a dance tomorrow night. Then there is the weekend...but that's a whole post in itself. Goodnight!


Kellie said...

When I first started to read my bible and go to bible studies I did depend on the advice of others, and reading the authors of books recommended by our women's ministry (there was a recommended book list at church).

I also went with "a gut feeling", although I would call it "discernment". For instance, I went to a church and heard a sermon on giving that didn't sit right with me, but I had no idea why. I prayed about it and talked it over with a friend and realized that that sermon was really off base.

Pray for discernment while reading any author (even those who are good may have thoughts you don't agree with), it works!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Kellie has some good what she said!

With that said, if you're looking for one to start, I'd recommend Beth Moore's Believing God. It completely transformed my faith.


Carpoolqueen said...

Ditto Kellie. The other advice I'd give is be SOO grounded in truth that you can spot a fake right away.

I tend not to watch TV preachers because I have a healthy dose of skepticism over people that ask me to send money so their shawls and beads will ensure my prayers are answered.

In the book category, I recommend Anne Graham Lotz "Just Give Me Jesus". I'll think of others and email you.

Amber said...

I'm with Joann. And Kellie. And CPQ.

"Believing God" is amazing.

I'm pretty skeptical, too, about tv preachers and some of the more commercialized evangelists. I go a lot on recommendations of believers that I trust wholly. And then there is Beth Moore. Can't say enough about her.

Sprinkly Sunkiss said...

Your blog is very cute, I love how you have your goals posted!!!

arent we all just searching to please God with more time??!! I have some of the same goals as you do!!!

In Christ,

Robin said...

I am a friend of Susan's and I agree with her. If you read something and are unsure about it go back to the Bible and see how it lines up with scripture. God never contradicts himself. Also I am a big believer in praying for discernment and wisdom.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I agree with so much of what has been said here. I hope it is going well for you since this post was written awhile ago.

As I dove into reading God's word from start to finish I just kept chugging along even when I wasn't 100% clear on something.

Talk to good friends or your pastor. I like the commentaries on or

LOVE Beth MOore and Believing God was AWESOME!!! She has some daily studies too - just bought 90 days wtih Jesus to do this summer!

Hope it is going well!