MYM - It's going.....okay

So, I had my plan and I followed it for all of 3 days. I didn't start until Tuesday and by Friday it all fell apart. Now it's Tuesday again and I haven't even attempted to get back on the wagon. School starts tomorrow so I will definitely try to get up early and have some quiet time before waking my teen up for his first day of high school. We all know I'm going to NEED to pray before that one.

This weekend I will be camping with the scout troop. This particular campground is gorgeous and one of my favorites. I'm going to pack a bag with my copy of MYM, a notebook, calendar, bible and whatever else I think I might need. By the end of the weekend I should have my plans in place (including prep for week 3...exercise) so that next week I can really get down to business. I really truly want this to work.


joelle said...

That's ok. We just have to keep at it. Next day is always another chance to do better. That's my philosophy.

HL said...

Hang in there & don't beat yourself up too much. 3 days are WAY better than none!!!
Hugs & Prayers, HL

holly said...

good luck! having your quiet time while camping sounds so *perfect*!

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

I love that even though the week didn't go as you'd hoped, you're still determined and working on a plan. You can do it!

I promise it's worth all the hard weeks and starting over a million times. It's worth it. He's worth it.