In an instant

Yesterday went well. I worked like a mad woman while at the office and feel caught up after being gone to training last week. Dylan and I had eye doctor appointments and now Dylan is the proud owner of a pair of contacts. He's feeling oh so grown up and is thrilled that he won't have to wear glasses any longer. Then I came home and lit into the house while Kevin took Dylan to his music lessons. I found something to cook for dinner. Ok, it was Hamburger Helper, but it was food and can be cooked quickly. Anyway, I put that on the stove, straightened up the house a bit and put away basket after basket of clean laundry. Not long after my guys came home, we sat down to a family dinner. Yay! We chatted about school, about the test Kevin had taken, about upcoming Scout adventures and the fact that I had made a schedule for the week and posted it on the fridge. Dylan takes after me and loves it when we have a schedule. While he was doing his happy dance because I'm grilling steaks on Saturday night, it happened. I realized that I had left something off the schedule. I have to work the ticket table for a music program at the school on Thursday and Friday night. The rest of the PTA officers will be at the state convention and that leaves me, the incoming treasurer to hande everything. (The fact that only about five people do anything for the PTA at my son's Title I school is a whole other post.)

In an instant Kevin went from praising the fact that we had dinner on the table and the house looked decent, to berating me for putting a Family Night on the schedule if I wasn't going to be there, volunteering for too much, and just being an all around incompetent wife. In an instant, I went from feeling like "I can do this" to "Why do I bother?". In an instant I went from being cheerful mom to the wicked witch of southern Indiana. So much for a lovely evening with my family. It ended about midnight with me sitting on the floor at the coffee table paying bills and realizing that our car tags expire on the 15th. That would be today. Which means I'll be speding my lunch hour at the BMV. Great fun.

So, today is a new day and I'm going to try very hard once again. I'm going to be positive and do my best to keep to my schedule. I'm going to work it out so that I only have to be at the school for a short time on Thursday and Friday and I'm going to say a prayer right now and forgive and forget the episode at dinner last night. It's a new day. A clean slate and I'm only going to write good things on it.


Rachel Anne said...

oh man, have I been there. ouch.

I love your new blog and your posts on simple living...finding your way towards it. I totally relate...that is my goal. A simpler life but not a stark one.

Blessings, friend.

Kelly said...

I am so sorry for the upset at dinner- I know how devastating it can be to work so hard at "getting things together" and feeling proud, and then in an instant feel like you are a total failure for overlooking something.

Please keep your great attitude- you are a blessing to your

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Hang in there. You can do this--"through God's energy which so powerfully works in you."

But I've been there too--that instant switch from fine and dandy to awful and awful-er--and I know it stinks.