Week One

Here it is, the first week of trying to get organized and live simply. I'm afraid that there is so much organizing and cleaning to do that the living simply part isn't going to kick in for a while.

Kevin is off and is taking the post office test. Then he has a doctor's appt.
I work my normal 8-5 schedule with the exception that I'll be taking off early for mine and Dylan's eye doctor appointments.
Dylan has school, eye doctor and music lessons tonight.
Dinner will be whatever we can find and I will put away all clean laundry tonight. I also need to work on the bills. It may be a late night.

Kevin works 9-4.
I work 8-5
Dylan has school.
Kevin and I have a Troop Committee meeting at 6:30 and I think it will be a family dinner at Denny's. At least we'll all be together.
I will update the Troop website before going to bed.

Kevin works 2:30-9
I work 8-5
Dylan has school and will eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.
Dylan and I will go to the Troop meeting from 6-8.
I will organize our calendar before going to bed.

Kevin is off
I work 8-5
Dylan has school.
We have no other plans so we will have a family dinner (beef stew) and can play games afterwards.

Kevin works 1-9:15
I work 8-5
Dylan has school.
Dylan and I will go grocery shopping and then have dinner when we get home.

Kevin works 10-7
Dylan and I are off!!!
Dylan and I plan to hit the laundromat and then work in the basement all day long.
We'll have a late family dinner, steaks on the grill. Yum!

Breakfast of pancakes and sausage.
I have no idea what lunch will be.
We will attempt to have a relaxing family day with no chores.

Okay, so that's three family dinners, but one of them is at a restaurant. We'll work on having breakfast together as much as possible too.

I'll check in mid week and we'll see how this is going.

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