Dear 2009 - The apology

Dear 2009,

I sincerely apologize for for my oh so sassy post on New Year's Day. I really had no idea you would take it so personally. Did you really need to retaliate to the extent that you did? I know I was a little sassy, but I didn't even use curse words!

Anyhoo, I'm sorry for disrespecting you the way that I did and I'm hoping that you will accept my apology and allow me to have a halfway decent 9 1/2 months. Pretty please???


Yeah, I was sassy and I've paid for it. The last two months have been exhausting.

  • I have worked more hours than ever before. About 15 hours of overtime each week which includes every Saturday. The time leading up to our annual audit is always crazy, but this was ridiculous. Then the auditors were on site for 3 weeks. I cringe just thinking about it.
  • I turned 41. 'Nuff said.
  • Kevin lost his job. It was retail sales and their business bottomed out after Christmas. Last one hired, first one fired.
  • My dad ended up in the hospital for 24 hours with a very nasty flu bug.
  • We had a massive ice storm. We never lost electricity but we did lose cable, phone and internet. We can't complain about that though since the neighbors across the street didn't have electricity for a week!
  • My dad turned 80. We had a huge party and it all turned out perfectly. This was one of the few bright spots this winter.
  • I had to get bifocal contact lenses. I'm officially old.
  • Kevin's substitute teacher license came through (finally) and he subbed 4 days in Feb. Then.....
  • Kevin started a new job. It's a temp to hire thing and we're still in the temp part. I hope it works out.
  • I missed too many Boy Scout meetings and I'm way behind in my secretarial duties.
  • I missed 2 PTA meetings, the Valentine Dance and Barbeque Bingo. I'm way behind on my treasurer duties.
  • Our roof was finally replaced from damage from Hurrican Ike in September. Yeah, I said hurricane and I live in Indiana. Bizarre.
  • My boy turned 13. I thought that since I had a boy, I wouldn't have to deal with the whole hormone thing like I would if I'd had a girl. Was I ever kidding myself!

2009 has really been kicking my tail, but now that I'm back to a 40 hour workweek I'm hoping I can get back on track. If the weather could warm up, I'd be in great shape! I'm much more productive around the house when I'm not bundled up in a blanket. Really, I am.

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